F2. Beyond Kirkpatrick

F2. Beyond Kirkpatrick

Beyond Kirkpatrick: A new evaluation model to drive results, not just measure them

The Kirkpatrick methodology has served as the default training evaluation model for more than 50 years. Now, a new predictive, proactive model offers a challenge to the status quo. Based on a five-year foundation of research, the Gillis & Bailey High Impact Evaluation (HIE) method gives training professionals a robust, evidence-based alternative to traditional approaches.

Learn the key features and benefits of using this novel evaluation approach, developed in a research partnership with the Institute for Performance and Learning (IPL). How is HIE transforming and enhancing the role of the practitioner? Learn how to add new strategic skillsets highly valued by senior decision makers.

This session will explore how High Impact Evaluation cements the bond between learning and the business. Scotiabank has been a pioneer of leveraging the HIE method “to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning function.” Following two years of extensive due diligence research of leading evaluation models, Scotiabank chose HIE over all others. Find out why. Learn how this made-in-Canada model helps learning maintain a laser focus on results and remain aligned and locked to critical business goals.

Attendees will learn …

  • the key components of the Gillis & Bailey High Impact Evaluation model:
    • the Learning Value Chain™ framework
    • the Business Impact Mapping tool
    • predictive tools
    • results-at-a-glance dashboards
  • how and why Scotiabank adopted the methodology and are implementing it globally
  • how the methodology strengthens the relationship between learning and the business
  • how High Impact Evaluation is impacting learning, performance, and business results at Scotiabank— the challenges, successes and lessons learned.