D4. Leading L&D in Times of Constant Transformation

06 Nov 2017
15:15 - 16:15

D4. Leading L&D in Times of Constant Transformation

Constant change is a reality for most organizations. They must continually evolve to meet changing mandates, operating conditions, and stakeholder expectations. These volatile and complex environments create opportunities and challenges for the learning and development function: The need for capability building has never been greater, but leadership focus, investment, and learner availability are more difficult to secure. L&D leaders must demonstrate strategic value to maximize their relevance, agendas, and funding when strategies, outcomes, and the capabilities to deliver them are in flux.

This interactive session will explore how to navigate the organizational realities associated with ongoing transformation. Practical techniques to align with changing strategies and outcomes will be shared and discussed, including how to pivot resources to align with changing priorities.

Attendees will:

  • Increase awareness of the opportunities and challenges for L&D within ongoing transformation
  • Gain insights from organizations that have demonstrated strategic relevance during constant change
  • Identify practical ways to monitor and respond to changing capability requirements across their organization