G5. Learning and Development for a Mobile-First World: A Case Study in Innovation

07 Nov 2017
14:00 - 15:00

G5. Learning and Development for a Mobile-First World: A Case Study in Innovation

Mobile used to be an emerging technology, but mobile device users have now surpassed desktop users. Now, mobile is the new normal. And that’s changed the game for training and development programs. In fact, 67% of the course creators we polled say they’ve been asked to create mobile training courses.

But, as with any new technology, there are challenges. There’s a lot to consider before you launch your mobile learning program. You need to determine ownership, goals, and other aspects of your strategy to make your new program a success.

And then you need to find the right tools. In the past, authoring tools have made it arduous to adapt courses to different devices. Tweaking content to fit any device fell on the shoulders of the course creator. Thankfully there are now quick and easy approaches to developing multi-device courses. Groundbreaking apps make it easy for companies to build courses that just work on any device.

In this talk, Articulate’s Trina Rimmer will share strategies for weaving mobile courses into your training and professional development programs. She’ll outline tips for selecting the right tools to make course creators’ jobs easier. And throughout the presentation, you’ll see real-world examples—including a behind-the-scenes look at how LINGOs is using mobile courses to train a global audience of humanitarian program managers on business financials.

This session is a helpful starting point for any L&D professional who’s considering taking their training to the next level with mobile learning, but aren’t sure where to start.