E2. “Micro-learning Sprint” Using Disruptive Thinking for Instructional Design

07 Nov 2017
10:00 - 11:00

E2. “Micro-learning Sprint” Using Disruptive Thinking for Instructional Design

This session will lead table groups through a “Sprint” interactive group activity followed by a facilitated debrief.


There will be 5 topic cards (red) and 5 modalities cards (blue).  Each group will pick one of each card. Topic cards contain brief learning content.

The topics are:

Team building  Change management   Team diversity  Design thinking   Agile project management

The modalities are:

Video/Storytelling  Gamification  Fail forward/Self-assessment learning survey  List/Infographic  Emotional Learning

Activity Part 1: Map and Sketch (15 minutes)  Each group to discuss their topic, content and modality

Activity Part 2: Decide and Prototype (15 minutes)  Participants to discuss potential approaches, determine the best approach for their topic and modality combination and draft a 3 sentence description of the proposed training solution

Debrief Part 1: (15 minutes)  Participants sharing thoughts, experiences and “ah-ha” moments

Debrief Part 2: (15 minutes)  Instructor led summary and discussion- value of design thinking, disruptive innovation and share takeaways