C4. Outside-the-Box Opportunities

06 Nov 2017
13:45 - 14:45

C4. Outside-the-Box Opportunities

Mobile, video, AR/VR; these trending industry technologies can increase learner engagement and drive business results (while hopefully adding some fun to the workday). Despite the sustained attention these technologies have received from learning leaders across organizations, many are still struggling to apply best practices when implementing them, or are finding subpar outcomes.A solution? Embrace outside-the-box thinking!

In this session, you will look at straightforward, immediate applications of mobile, video, and gamification technologies. You’ll analyze where and why they can be more effective than traditional eLearning. You’ll then discuss non-traditional, “abstract” applications of these technologies and why this mindset shift is powerful. The session will conclude with case studies of successful mobile, video, AR/VR and gamification learning programs that embraced outside-the-box thinking to delight learners and exceed business goals.

In this session, you will learn:

• About the biggest current trends in technology

• Techniques for applying these technologies effectively to training

• How to think outside the box to exceed business goals

• About abstract thinking that actually worked!