B3. Scenes from L&D: Using Comics to Tackle L&Ds Biggest Challenges

06 Nov 2017
11:30 - 12:30

B3. Scenes from L&D: Using Comics to Tackle L&Ds Biggest Challenges

This entertaining, facilitated discussion will look at some of L&D’s toughest challenges through a satirical lens. With the popular “L&D Scenes” comic series as the backdrop, author Clint Clarkson will drive an intense and spirited discussion that focuses on L&D’s most common grievances. Behind each tongue-in-cheek comic is an L&D truth; a problem that needs to be solved for L&D to be successful in organizations.

This session assumes that L&D is responsible for bridging performance gaps and solving business problems. Yet, too often, the business doesn’t believe we’re capable of doing it. Let’s take the time to discuss why this problem exists and what needs to be done differently to raise the profile of our profession from “cost center” to “strategic driver.”

While we face some important and daunting challenges, there’s nothing that says we can’t have fun taking them on. This is your invitation to be entertained, engaged, and possibly annoyed, while getting a sneak preview of some yet to be released “L&D Scenes” comics. You may not agree with everything said in this discussion, but one thing’s for sure: you won’t leave bored!

JUST FOR FUN: You’ll be challenged to write your own “L&D Scene” with the chance to have it published and framed.