Don Presant

Don Presant


Don Presant is President of Learning Agents, an award-winning innovator of edtech solutions, specializing in personalized learning recognition, ePortfolios and Open Badge eCredentials.

Don became an active member of the global Open Badge movement soon after the micro-credentialing standard was invented in 2011. In 2012, Don brought Open Badges to the international ePortfolio and Identity Conference (, igniting a wave of innovation there that continues today. In 2013, he was recognized for his key connecting role in the Macarthur Foundation’s funding of Open Badges for Moodle. In 2016 he launched,  the first public Canadian Open Badges service.

In 2017, Don helped found the Open Recognition Alliance ( is currently working to develop alternative credentialing systems based on Open Badges for eCampusOntario and the international Humanitarian Passport Initiative.

Don is a frequent speaker at conferences in Canada and abroad, and a skilled strategist for micro-credentialing learning programs.

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