Kevin Judge

Kevin Judge


Kevin Judge is an author, speaker, coach, and consultant and has worked for over 20 years as a partner, consultant, and certified coach helping individuals and businesses across the globe find success. He is a Certified Executive Coach and has been educated in business, adult learning and human resources.

Kevin is the President and Founder of Ridgehouse Consulting Incorporated which provides targeted human resources, talent management and organizational development solutions. He also has a passion for helping coaches to be successful in their business so he created Lucrative Coaching. Here he works with coaches to create and execute a rock-solid plan, to think and do business differently than most others, and to stand out from the crowd so they can make more money, have greater impact, and gain more freedom to do what they are passionate about.

Kevin’s two upcoming books are:

How to Fix a Bad Boss
8 Ways to End the Trail of Distress in the Workplace
and Create a Winning Manager-Employee Relationship

Multiply Your Coaching Business
10 New Marketing Realities for the Coaching & Consulting Industries

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